Researcher meet-up & tour of LEG4DEV legume field trials underway in IITA Malawi

20th March 2024 – IITA Chitedze, Lilongwe, Malawi

Dr. Marcos Lana, Affiliate Investigator on the LEG4DEV project from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), visited members of the LEG4DEV project team researchers who are conducting research out of the International Instituet for Tropical Agrocuilture (IITA) country station in Chitedze, Malawi.

Marcos met with University of Galway PhD researchers Tima Munthali, Tione Kaonga, Decolius Kalumo, and Kareem Longwe, who presented to Marcos and Dr. Sika Gbegbelegbe (IITA) their latest research findings on legume scaling for development outcomes in the region.

20th March 2023 – IITA Chitedze, Malawi – L-R: Pacsu Simwaka, Kareem Longwe, Tima Munthali, Dr. Sika Gbegbelegbe, Dr. Marcos Lana and Tione Kaonga at the IITA Malawi station in outside Lilongwe.

The PhD researchers took Dr. Lana on a tour of the University of Galway- IITA soybean and maize field trials that are underway to identify best-performing rhizobia-legume variety combinations for scaling. Dr. Lana provided valuable feedback on the crop trials and additional guidance for the legume researchers on the importance of the research for scaling of legumes.

20th March 2023 – Lilongwe, Malawi – L-R: Tione Kaonga, Pacsu Simwaka, Tima Munthali, Kareem Longwe, Dr. Marcos Lana and Dr. Sika Gbegbelegbe stand in a soybean and maize field trial being completed by LEG4DEV PhD researcher Kareem Longwe

Dr. Lana’s visit underscored the importance of the LEG4DEV project’s interdisciplinary approaches to legume scaling for addressing development challenges.